The British-Irish Airports EXPO
One-to-One Meeting System

Maximise your meeting opportunities at the largest networking opportunity of the year in Birmingham where 2,000+ visitors are expected

At a large trade show attracting 2,000 visitors on busy schedules, it’s vital that connections can be made based on more than happenchance. The One-to-One Meeting System at the British-Irish Airports EXPO enables visitors to meet and build partnerships with the most relevant, valuable contacts also in attendance.

New partnerships, business deals, job roles or simply an independent opinion on a challenging issue – who knows what opportunities a short meeting with the right person could present!

The web-based meeting system enables attendees to schedule meetings with other visitors sharing similar professional interests before even arriving in Birmingham. Attendees will be able to request and schedule multiple 10-minute meetings, which can be used to establish if they would like to take the conversation further. Participants may choose to meet in “The Meeting System Hub” dedicated for this, or at other locations on the show floor.

Exhibitors, sponsors, airports, airlines and other First Class pass holders will gain priority use of this online meetings tool, with other industry stakeholders able to accept meeting requests.

How to begin using the system

The first step is simply to register to attend!

For unlimited access to the One-to-One Meeting System, register your First Class Pass today. This is free of charge for airports and airlines and only £350 for attendees representing other industry organisations. First Class Visitors will also be invited to join us at the Summer Sizzler our networking BBQ party, and to the Birmingham Airport Briefing.

If you’ve already registered for a Business Class Pass and would like to have the opportunity of arranging meetings at British-Irish Airports EXPO, please contact to upgrade your pass.

Register your place to attend 

Essential Timings & Information:

25th April 2017 – Our exhibitors will have access to the One-to-One Meeting System to populate their company information and input their profiling information.

26th April 2017First Class Delegates and Hosted Buyer Delegates can start searching for relevant industry professionals, and requesting meetings.

10th May 2017Exhibitor Account Holders will now have the opportunity to request meetings and assign accepted meetings to the most suited stand personnel representative.


When the One-to-one Meeting System goes live, registered delegates will be sent details of how to log into the system.

Visitors will be asked to complete a few details about their interest areas and will then be able to research other attendees and request, accept, decline and cancel meetings to the criteria below:


First Class Visitors: Can request unlimited meetings with other attendees


Business Class Visitors: Can access system to review other attendees, but can only accept meeting requests made by others


Exhibitors: Can make meeting requests from the very earliest access date

To get an idea of the capabilities of the One-to-One Meeting System, including how this tool will work in practice, please view this generic demo video from our provider, Delegate Select: