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EB Airside

EB Airside –A new company with twenty years of experience.

EB Airside have developed an innovative methodology for airside passes, ‘e-takeoff©’.

e-takeoff© undertakes the entire process of obtaining an airside security pass. From initiating the application, monitoring its progress, and issuing the final clearance. For HR personnel there is no requirement to intervene after the initial interview except to monitor progress, making it a simple yet highly effective system.

e-takeoff© is the most advanced software for the provision of airside passes. It can allow monitoring at various levels or locations for each client, it can be used as a service or in an inhouse server, can be white labelled and also altered to consider additional requested features. Our airside pass system gives our clients the visibility of each applicant’s progress through the screening/checking process, whilst committing to the most thorough and accurate checks in the quickest time possible.

There is no limit to the amount of passes the software can handle. Every aspect of an applicant’s progress is carefully monitored and can easily be determined by an explanatory icon, allowing the full results to be displayed on a dashboard.

EB Airside has made the entire process as user friendly as possible. In fact, to obtain an airside pass, all a client needs to do is provide the applicant’s name, email and airport and EB Airside will do the rest.

Additional facilities are continually being added to ensure the software maintains its competitive advantage.

How is e-takeoff© different from other airside pass software?

While being easy to use, e-takeoff is not a simplistic tool – it helps you manage not just passes but your entire company screening in one place. Moreover, e-takeoff’s flexibility and capabilities are incomparable to any other solution on the market.

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