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Plus: Airport Development PR for 52 Airports


Meet the team:


Company Director & Founder of Future Travel Experience & The British-Irish Airports Expo

Daniel has now been with PPS for over 16 years. He grew up with the aim of being a fighter pilot, but after spending two years successfully passing aptitude and medical tests whilst studying, he was told his legs were two inches too long to safely eject from any of the RAF’s jets. His enthusiasm for aviation led him to work for PPS where he has developed, and delivered, publications and events on behalf of a range of industry associations including AOA, ACI-NA and ACI EUROPE, but his proudest career achievement to date was the creation of the Future Travel Experience business unit, which through its range of events and online media, aims to create dialogue and knowledge sharing between stakeholders worldwide, that will help improve the passenger experience. He is also very excited about the launch of the British-Irish Airport EXPO as it is an idea he has developed, and been keen to launch, for over 5 years.


Head of Expo & Sponsorship

James has worked for PPS Publications for over seven years, having managed exhibitions for both ACI EUROPE and the Airports Operators Association (AOA). He has also published a number of special edition reports for the likes of Heathrow, Gatwick, Dubai, Amsterdam and Delhi International airports as well as ACI EUROPE’s Communiqué Airport Business Magazine.

James now heads up the British-Irish Airports EXPO, which will be hosted by Birmingham Airports at the NEC on 8-9 June 2016; a dynamic, free-to-attend show providing an invaluable showcasing platform for leading airport industry suppliers, both large and small.


Events Manager

After graduating from the University of Leeds in 2010, Ali surprised herself whilst backpacking through South America by hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu, delving down a Bolivian mine and mountain biking down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’. After falling in love with travelling, organising conferences for PPS is the perfect fit, allowing her to discover new places and at the end of a busy event day – sit down for a gin and tonic.

paul-hoganPAUL HOGAN

Managing Director

Paul has 30+ years of aviation publishing and event organising experience. Before founding PPS back in 1991 he was the Managing Editor of The Avmark Aviation Economist, and during his time leading PPS he has been the publisher of a whole raft of official publications for ACI EUROPE, ACI North America, the International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores, the Tax Free World Association, the European Regions Airline Association, and the UK Airport Operators Association. In addition to his work for leading industry associations, he is also the publisher of, the airline network planning weekly e-journal and website.

Interests: Family comes first with Paul – two adult sons, one baby daughter – a sister for Brontë (12) who died after a five year battle with leukaemia in March 2011. Long before this Paul had become a fanatical marathon runner, raising well in excess of $200,000 for children’s cancer charities.


Head of Events & Association Business

Catherine started working for PPS selling advertising on ACI EUROPE’s Communiqué Airport Business Magazine. After a few years she moved to the events side of the business, selling across the exhibition portfolio and then onto a position as Exhibition Ops Manager. Now working as the Conference Manager, Catherine is very excited to face the mighty challenge of running six highly successful international events each year. With a love of travel (just as well really) Catherine is always ready to embrace the social aspects of the job and has a voice that can allegedly be heard from space!

ross-falconerROSS FALCONER

Managing Editor

Ross followed-up his passion for writing by completing a journalism degree. This led him to PPS, where he has worked on various titles relating to airports, airlines and travel retail, progressing to his current position of Managing Editor. A keen armchair sports fan, Ross supports Liverpool FC. Despite having never been to Liverpool, this does not make him a glory-seeker.

keith-bateupKEITH BATEUP

E-commerce & Web Development Manager

Keith has been with PPS for over 7 years and heads up our web and online marketing department, however his interest in the web started many years before Web 2.0, back when the only internet browser available was Netscape Navigator. Since then his passion has developed into a highly successful career helping business exploit the benefits of e-commerce. In his spare time he plays guitar (poorly) and enjoys watching his football team, Crystal Palace, lose most weeks.

james-bishopJAMES BISHOP

Marketing Manager

James joined the PPS team to drive our digital marketing projects, including building our online marketing partnerships for our global events as well as managing our social media channels. Originally from a small Sussex town, James packed his bags and endured three years studying in central Birmingham. He’s since spent time in the marketing team at BMW and at a scientific device manufacturer retailing to neuroscientists, discovering that the practice is always more interesting than the theory. James is a hazard prone cyclist and enjoys sport socially.