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Archived item: Multevo Helps Make It A World’s First For Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle International Airport will be the first airport in the world to take delivery of a Paxlift, the new generation of Ambulift.

‘Our reduced mobility passengers are important to us and we want to offer them the best travelling experience possible. Paxlift allows us to provide a service that is both dignified and efficient’, Stephen Wafer, Head of Security and Terminal Operations, Newcastle International Airport.

Designed and manufactured by Baumann, the PaxLift is an innovative, purpose built vehicle that ensures all people with reduced mobility can be transferred with dignity between the terminal and the aircraft, revolutionising the customer airport experience for them. Celebrating 50 years of engineering Bauman have a long and distinguished history of machine building, but it is the PaxLift that will transform travel for millions of passengers. And it is Newcastle Airport that is at the forefront of that change. Dealing with UK distributor Multevo, they will be able to offer a safe and seamless experience for all. As the person responsible for bringing the Paxlift to Newcastle International Airport Stephen also said:

‘Our relationship with our supply chain partner Multevo has been strong for a number of years, they introduced the Multihog product range to us and the rest of the UK market nearly ten years ago, so when they put their rubber stamp on the Paxlift, that gave us the confidence to move forward to become the first airport in the world to order one’.

The PaxLift is not derived from a commercial or industrial vehicle; it was born as a PRM vehicle. It has been purpose built to carry up to six wheelchair passengers plus six additional passengers; the passenger cabin can be accessed at ground level, so no need for any separate lifting, improving speed and comfort. The driver and passengers are able to see one another, creating a more personal less ‘cargo’ like experience. But it’s not just the passengers who will benefit from the Paxlift; it will prove to be a valuable asset to the airport’s airside operations and ground handling teams as well. The PaxLift offers good presence on the airfield and travel is smooth and comfortable, vision and turning are excellent with the need for extended lateral movement eliminated, thus reducing the space needed between aircraft while transferring passengers.

Bauman’s expertise and experience of manufacturing heavy lifting equipment, ensures that unlike other Ambulifts, the PaxLift can manoeuver safely whilst at serviceable heights of up to 8 meters. And in response to the latest Airport Handling Manual (AHM) from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), stating that all GSE machinery is to have a no-touch policy, PaxLift has become one of the first Ambulifts with a no-touch system ensuring that it is not required to come into contact with the aircraft it supports. The new system comprises of four sensors, which control the approach to the aircraft and stop the PaxLift once it reaches a safe position. An automatic swiveling system for the platform has been integrated, and functions without the need to touch the aircraft.

Klaus Pirpamer, managing director of PaxLift, comments: “With the new upgrade to a no-touch system, we are achieving a safe and controlled position in relation to the aircraft. Passengers with reduced mobility can be safely transported to their seats without our machinery coming into unnecessary contact with the aircraft.We are pleased we can now offer a solution that fully aligns to industry-approved policies and standards for GSE. Our team is committed to continuing to improve the PaxLift in line with the requirements of airports and airlines.”

The Paxlift is fitted with automatic door locking, a bird’s eye view camera that provides a top down 360 degrees view around the PaxLift, integrated suspension and four-wheel steering, this creating a compact footprint and small turning radius, increasing safety around and between aircrafts. The PaxLift is an efficient piece of ground handling equipment only requiring one operator; it doesn’t require a banksman. Internally, it offers a design to suit the growing numbers of passengers with restricted mobility with the focus remaining on comfort and safety. Multevo are proud to be associated with such an innovative product and a manufacturer with such a strong history of quality products heading into their 50th year.

‘We have great relationships with the UK airports and as a company we can’t wait to start helping each and everyone of them move towards offering an improved service for their reduced mobility passengers. Newcastle will always be able to call themselves the first, but Multevo are committed to making sure that all UK airports and ground handlers will be able to give their customers the pleasure traveling with the PaxLift. Baumann are experts in engineering, and we are thrilled to be working with them in bringing PaxLift to UK market.’ Nick Leadley, Director, Multevo.

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