EXPO Loganair CEO Webinar: “The post-COVID network & airport partnerships” Loganair’s Jonathan Hinkles to address RABA AGM at British-Irish Airports EXPO

7 top-quality FREE conferences featuring airport chiefs, departmental specialists and embedded partners; 100++ speakers

The 2020 conferences will be covering the key common interests among the Coalition and Stakeholders:

  • Date: 5th October 2020

    EXPO Flagship Climate Change Conference
    “Real Zero, Net Zero 2050, or Aviation’s Year Zero?”

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  • Date: 5th October 2020

    4th Metropolitan Police Aviation Policing Command Airports Counter Terrorism Conference

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  • Date: 5th October 2020

    1st Commercial & Retail Conference

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  • Date: 5th October 2020

    RABA AGM & Annual Conference

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  • world-bird-association

    Date: 6th October 2020

    World Birdstrike Association Europe Conference

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  • Date: 6th October 2020

    The 3rd British-Irish “Accessible Airport Conference”

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  • Date: 6th October 2020

    The British Aviation Group Supply Chain Conferences

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2019 Speakers | View the full 2019 speakers list

Conference speaker: Neil Pakey

Neil Pakey


Regional and Business Airports Group (RABA)

Conference speaker: Peter Drissell

Peter Drissell

Director Aviation Security

UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Conference speaker: Ian Sherriff

Ian Sherriff

Academic Partnership Lead for Dementia, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Plymouth University Transport Dementia Group

Conference speaker: Chris Woodroofe

Chris Woodroofe

Chief Operating Officer

Gatwick Airport

Conference speaker: William L. Neece

William L. Neece

Director of Airport Solutions

Ozion Airport Software Europe

Conference speaker: Andrew Haynes

Andrew Haynes

Procurement Director

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin

Chief Inspector, Specialist Operations, Aviation Policing

London City Airport

Conference speaker: Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Consumers and Markets Director

Civil Aviation Authority

Conference speaker: Frank Gardner OBE

Frank Gardner OBE

BBC Security Correspondent, journalist and author


Conference speaker: Celine McGuigan

Celine McGuigan

Accessibility and Assistance Manager


Conference speaker: Sara Marchant

Sara Marchant

Accessibility Manager,

Gatwick Airport

Conference speaker: Keith Richards

Keith Richards


Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

Conference speaker: Richard Williams

Richard Williams

Head of Transport Policy

Consumer Council Northern Ireland

Conference speaker: Christina Smith

Christina Smith

Customer Services Executive

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Conference speaker: Samantha Saunders

Samantha Saunders

Head of Innovation & Regulatory Compliance


Conference speaker: Hilary Stubbs

Hilary Stubbs

Ferry and Aviation Workstream Lead and Vice Convenor

Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland

Conference speaker: Marc Powell

Marc Powell

Paralympian, Innovation through partnerships


Conference speaker: Scott Fuller

Scott Fuller

Head of Security Operations

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: Libby Herbert

Libby Herbert

General Manager

Colostomy UK

Conference speaker: Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright

Customer Services and Security Director

Manchester Airport

Conference speaker: Gavin Neate

Gavin Neate

Founder & CEO


Conference speaker: Mark Applin

Mark Applin



Conference speaker: Josh Wintersgill

Josh Wintersgill

Founder and Director

Able Move

Conference speaker: Stacey Peel

Stacey Peel

Global Aviation Security Lead, Security Group Chair, British Aviation Group


Conference speaker: James Cross

James Cross


OpenWorks Engineering

Conference speaker: Dave Eldridge

Dave Eldridge

Sales Director

Chess Dynamics

Conference speaker: Christopher Nicolaides

Christopher Nicolaides

Principal, AMS Acoustics, On behalf of the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (ISCE).


Conference speaker: Alexander Roy

Alexander Roy

Head of Strategy – Surface Access


Conference speaker: Ernie Carter

Ernie Carter

Ground Operations – Winter Operations Manager


Conference speaker: Liam Bolger

Liam Bolger

Head of Airside

London Luton Airport

Conference speaker: Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Senior Project Manager – Development

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: Jan Richards

Jan Richards

Head of Insights & Planning

Dublin Airport

Conference speaker: Milda Manomaityte

Milda Manomaityte

Technical and Policy Manager

Railway Industry Association

Conference speaker: Adam Scott

Adam Scott

Senior Acoustics Engineer

Hoare Lea

Conference speaker: Siete Hamminga

Siete Hamminga


Robin Radar Systems

Conference speaker: Bill Haraka

Bill Haraka

Business Development Manager – Drone Detection

Robin Radar Systems

Conference speaker: Ruth Shilston

Ruth Shilston



Conference speaker: Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews

Director – UKIMEA Aviation Lead,


Conference speaker: Neil Bowles

Neil Bowles

Head of ATM

Searidge Technologies

Conference speaker: Niall Greenwood

Niall Greenwood

Director ATM

Baines Simmons

Conference speaker: Wolfgang Hatzack

Wolfgang Hatzack

Managing Director


Conference speaker: Graham Cross

Graham Cross

Chief Executive

Heathrow Southern Railway

Conference speaker: Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty

Commercial Manager - Finance

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: David Watts

David Watts

Managing Director

CCD Design & Ergonomics

Conference speaker: Paul Diestelkamp

Paul Diestelkamp

Head of Programmes & Development

Air Navigation Solutions Ltd

Conference speaker: Tony Caccavone

Tony Caccavone

Surface Access Director

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: Kashif Chaudry

Kashif Chaudry

Deputy Director for Aviation Security, Head of Aviation Security International Operations

Department for Transport

Conference speaker: Samantha O’Dwyer

Samantha O’Dwyer

Strategic Director, Aviation Services

Wilson James

Conference speaker: Clive Wright

Clive Wright

Business Owner, Contego Aviation Security, Deputy Chair, BAG Security Group

BAG Security Group

Conference speaker: John Goodall

John Goodall

Business Manager


Conference speaker: Niclas Gustavsson

Niclas Gustavsson

VP Development & Governmental Affairs

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, SDATS

Conference speaker: Chris Lambert

Chris Lambert

Development Manager Transport,

Bosch Security and Safety Systems

Conference speaker: Jason Fowler

Jason Fowler

Lead Aviation Sector Partner, Gardiner & Theobald LLP, BAG Deputy Chair

Gardiner & Theobald

Conference speaker: Jacqui Johnson

Jacqui Johnson

Director, JCJ Consulting, Board Member, British Aviation Group, Deputy Chair of BAG’s Airport Consultants Group


Conference speaker: Ann Marie Aguilar

Ann Marie Aguilar

Director of Operations Europe

the International WELL Building Institute

Conference speaker: Giulio Corte

Giulio Corte

Business Development Director

Deerns UK

Conference speaker: Neal Mehta

Neal Mehta

Lead Managing Consultant


Conference speaker: Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller

Deputy Director, Rail, Commercial and Communities - Heathrow Expansion Programme

Department for Transport

Conference speaker: Phil Bailey

Phil Bailey

Senior Project Manager,


Conference speaker: Terry Fitzmaurice

Terry Fitzmaurice

Group Procurement & Contracts Director

Manchester Airport Group

Conference speaker: Shakir Khaja

Shakir Khaja

Arcadis Business Director and BAG Business Intelligence Working Group Lead,

British Aviation Group

Conference speaker: Robin Gill

Robin Gill

Business Development Manager, Cortech Developments Ltd, Deputy Chair,

BAG Equipment and Operations Suppliers Group

Conference speaker: Simon Branston

Simon Branston

Product Director, Inspired Surfaces and Deputy Chair

BAG Equipment and Operations Suppliers Group

Conference speaker: Diane Burt

Diane Burt

Arup and BAG Board member

British Aviation Group

Conference speaker: Kris Walters

Kris Walters

Transport Sector Manager

Department for International Trade

Conference speaker: Geoff Moore

Geoff Moore

Business Development Manager

Blighter Surveillance Systems Ltd

Conference speaker: Keith Letten

Keith Letten

Construction Category Manager

Gatwick Airport

Conference speaker: Jonathan Rush

Jonathan Rush

Partner (Lighting Design)

Hoare Lea

Conference speaker: Juan Ferrari

Juan Ferrari

Associate Director

Hoare Lea

Conference speaker: Dale Jones

Dale Jones

Business Development Manager


Conference speaker: Pam Laycock

Pam Laycock

Business Development Manager

Ports of Jersey

Conference speaker: Chiara Beltrame

Chiara Beltrame

Marketing Specialist


Conference speaker: Natalie Westwood

Natalie Westwood

Aviation Director


Conference speaker: James Sheldon

James Sheldon



Conference speaker: Vince Ruane

Vince Ruane

Principal Engineer


Conference speaker: Pierangelo Di Stefano

Pierangelo Di Stefano

Acoustics Consultant

Anderson Acoustics

Conference speaker: Gary Conroy

Gary Conroy

Product Portfolio Manager


Conference speaker: Nomaan Asghar

Nomaan Asghar

Senior Airport Planner

AiQ Consulting Ltd

Conference speaker: Gert Taeymans

Gert Taeymans

Growth Sales Leader Airports


Conference speaker: Jehan-Christophe Charles

Jehan-Christophe Charles

Senior Manager Crisis Management & Area Surveillance


Conference speaker: Richard Bond

Richard Bond

Senior Consultant, Resilience and Security


Conference speaker: Sam Evans

Sam Evans

Business Development Manager,

Ipsotek Ltd

Conference speaker: Rebecca Carr

Rebecca Carr

Director Crisisconf 2020, Associate of

Return on Development Ltd

Conference speaker: Hannah Sallabanks

Hannah Sallabanks

Membership Manager

British Aviaition Group

Conference speaker: Michael Konieczka

Michael Konieczka



Conference speaker: Phil Williams

Phil Williams

Senior Security Consultant


Conference speaker: Ian Rogers

Ian Rogers

Managing Director

Clear Flight Solutions

Conference speaker: Mat Garner

Mat Garner

Co- Founder

Ethos Farm

Conference speaker: Kathryn Leahy

Kathryn Leahy

Director Operations

Heathrow Airport

Conference speaker: Alejandro Puebla

Alejandro Puebla

Senior Airport Planner


Conference speaker: Matthew Butters

Matthew Butters

Director at


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